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I began teaching sometime in elementary school when I started a school in my bedroom and placed sign-up sheets for the classes I offered on the outside of my door. While my marketing skills had not yet been fully developed, as I chose a location with little visibility and therefore my student base was quite small, my passion for sharing ideas, information, and inspiration has always been a core component of my life.

In 2001, I started teaching capacity building workshops for community-based and especially grassroots activist organizations at the A-Space in Philadelphia. Soon after, I started teaching entrepreneurship at Temple University’s Pan African Studies Community Education Program. I launched the Fruition Academy of Social Imagination and Action in 2012 and now teach online classes through The Fruition Academy. I also taught in the division of business at DeSales University from 2008 to 2019. 


Whether teaching in the community, at a university, or online, I hope to instill within my students a love of learning, curiosity, and hope for the future. 

Click here to read my teaching philosophy.

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