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40 for 40: All the Rest

Last year, I made a pact with a fellow friend, who shared with me the momentous occasion of turning 40, to do 40 things to celebrate this life event. I further pledged to do one more thing every year, a total of 41 things to mark my 41st birthday, etc., in future years.

As the lack of posts on this topic demonstrates, I have somewhat abandoned this approach to marking my year. Any undertaking truly worthy of turning 40 would likely be too private to fully write about on this blog, and the list seemed like a chore rather than a celebration.

So instead, I am focusing my attention on living in the moment and being grateful for the opportunity to continue doing so day after day. It is these virtues that will enable me to get the most out of what will surely continue to be a splendid year. Rather than checking items off of a list, I am generating new interpretations of my life which enrich it beyond measure.

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