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Feminism is for Everyone

Many conceptions of feminism are woman- or female-centric. They center the ideas, needs, and aspirations of women and ensure that women are included in decision-making and have access to power. This approach to feminism creates opportunity for a historically under- and misrepresented group – women – to participate and thrive.

Some feminists believe that only women should be included in feminist projects. Other feminists (sometimes unintentionally) exclude people of color, youth, people with disabilities, and other people who are “otherized.”

As feminists, we need to care about more than just women and girls.

If we aspire to transform our planet, even a small part of it – which requires transforming relationships among people as well as relationships between people and the nonhuman world, then we must also aspire to build an inclusive movement. Feminism is not just about uplifting women, it is about creating conditions where all living things can be nourished and flourish. It's not about creating a world where people are categorically exempt.

While there are obviously people outside the perimeter of feminist ideals (i.e. people who are racist, sexist, rugged individualists, etc.), feminism can create spaces for people with diverse experiences, beliefs, identities, and perspectives to collaboratively problem solve and creatively envision a more inclusive and welcoming world that appreciates complexity and prioritizes wellbeing, respect, and love.

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